Wednesday, 10 December 2014 00:11

The Sports Think Tank XXIII

We jump right into "I Can't Breathe" and the NBA players wearing the t-shirt.  Commissioner Silver is allowing the players to wear it, but what will happen if a white player wears a t-shirt with a conservative slogan?  Will this be permitted?  We have to again thank The Hornet ( at 1st and Broadway for hosting The Sports Think Tank.  

The Royal Family is next on the agenda.  Was Lebron James out of line touching the princess?  Our Andrew Mason (@MaseDenver) is an Anglo.  His Mom is right off the boat.  I thought we built a wall for that?  Mason talks about the do's and dont's of the Royal Crown.  Frankly, I'd much prefer a 1.75 of Crown Royal.

Can a high school head coach who has had great success, transfer that success to D-I?  Jerry Faust failed at Notre Dame.  Can UNLV make it work?

Finally, well...just listen to the final segment.  We don't disappoint.  

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