Tuesday, 29 April 2014 21:23

The Sports Think Tank Episode XIV

It's all about The Silver Hammer who dropped, The Silver Hammer.  Adam Silver minced no words today in delivering a lifetime ban to LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  We get into great depth about Sterling and the decision by Silver.  Gloves are off and we leave no stone unturned.  Thanks for listening and thanks for spreading the word.

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 12:57

Sports Think Tank, Episode IV

Our latest edition of The Sports Think Tank...there is a pattern here. Big thank you to Park House (Colfax/Madison) for hosting us. www.ParkHouseDenver.com. Tonight we dive into the Super Bowl and the absolute domination by the Seahawks. Why is the NFL so hard to predict? Did anyone really see a blowout like that? We learned that viewing porn dipped in a certain city and increased in another city. We let you know which cities. And finally we get away from football and talk NBA and the end of David Stern as the commish. We talk pros and cons of David Stern and how long until there are NBA teams in Europe and Asia.

Let us know what you think. Don't be shy. We have thick skin @ThinkTankSport, @MaseDenver, @DrTravisHeath, @RenKnowItAll

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